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the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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Taehyun, is there anything you can’t do?.. things that I learned today about Nam Taehyun… He can do beatbox and he knows something about boxing too! — (via jjaeyoonie)

Your sadness is not beautiful. It’s not keeping you warm. It’s not keeping you company. You don’t feel it right now but your sadness is sinking you. It’s slowly taking over your body, biting your soul and splitting your heart. Don’t let it crack you open. Fight it. — (via fawun)

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That burst of excitement you get when you realise that Song Minho-ssi is going to fuck shit up in kpop over the next couple of years. 

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100 days , finally its d-day .

sometimes i wonder what is yg thinking .. i have to agree with the huge advantage of having kangseungyoon leeseunghoon songminho(mino) in the same team . i have the feeling that yg wants team b to win at first , whats the point of creating a program when 1 of the team has 3 members who are well known already? and another which has b.i and bobby ? im pretty sure he thought viewers will change their mind when they saw b.i and bobby ? but sorry yg , no .

the moment when the second part of the battle today started , when team b start singing climax , you knew this song was good . when b.i start rapping .. you knew how much he wanna win , how much he cannot take it anymore … the emotion really hit our heart … my heart hurts so much when he raps …. (boy we really love you ) 

i have to agree that those song team a composed are not as strong as smile again , but its totally different from smile again , another kind of music that team a can do … their dance is something i really like .. seunghoon done a good job again.

9mins before the result announce , the tears between 11 boys … i hope they know that its not the end of this beautiful journey . lose or win , you guys are all the winner . , you guys let us know you loved music more than anyone does . 

have a good rest and tell yourself its not the end .. 

100days … its a beautiful and meaning journey .


Team A - Facebook Thank You Message!

They might say hyorin is number one when it comes to singing but we all know that Taeyeon,is definitely number one when it comes to pouring their emotions when singing.Even JYP says so  

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100Days . The beautiful friendship //11 .
You knew you need you need to win it. You knew that you can’t let go of them. You knew it will knew that you can’t do anything towards it. You knew that the ending will be painful.  


Big headed Team A ~<3
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